ExperienceTable Touchscreens


Is your desired product or software not listed? You can contact us for ready-made applications, but also for customization. We like…

This model is specially designed for children. It can be operated by several children at the same time. The round…

These models are easy to bring around or move to another location. The models can be used placed on a…

The ExperienceTable Overbed Model is developed for bedridden people. It represents a mobile and height-adjustable touchscreen that can be easily…

The table has a wooden casing with rounded edges, made of birch wood. The wooden casing gives the table a…

The ExperienceTable Standard with lift has a wooden casing with rounded edges, made of birch wood. The wooden casing gives…

This model is a tiltable multi-touch table with birch top, The table can be turned from completely horizontal to completely…

The Tablet is a compact version of the ExperienceTable, which includes the same software and the option for video calling.…

This model comes in multiple wall screens with different sizes. All of them can be built in according to customer’s…

This touch table in slightly tilted position is ideal for offering interactive presentations. 32 inch touchscreen with 12 touch pointsPCAP…

This multi-touch table is made of high-quality brushed stainless steel and has a sleek, industrial look. 43 inch touchscreen with…

This model is particularly developed for use in public areas. The table is made of high-quality white plastic material, which…




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Elderly Care

Active together, experience together. User friendly care technology that makes bonding easier and ensures fun among the elderly.

Elderly Care

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Disabled Care

Learn together, play together. A unique experience at your own pace. From LVB to EMB.

Disabled Care

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An interactive journey through your museum. An educational one, but above all exciting!


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Learning and experiencing in a playful way. A meeting place in your library.


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