Active together, experience together

Roelov Kuipers: "The ExperienceTable inspires people to go beyond curiosity."

Get to know each other

ExperienceTable & Library

The ExperienceTable is a powerful means of communication and a central point in the library. Our interactive and social games encourage visitors to learn and communicate through play.


The ExperienceTable is suitable for library visitors from different age and target groups. Gathered around the table they learn, explore and have fun together.


The ExperienceTable is unlimited. Our software allows you to add an unlimited amount of new content to the table.

Multi-user device

The ExperienceTable can be operated by several people at the same time. Every touch on the screen provides a clear response.


The ExperienceTable has an extensive package of educational games. Experience shows that children, young people and elderly found our educational games enchanting.


The ExperienceTable brings people together. All games are aimed at encouraging the users to discover together, explore together and learn together.

Always up to date

You can configure the ExperienceTable yourself around current topics and events. For example, themes can be presented attractively with images and interactively.

The ExperienceTable offers numerous opportunities for people to spend time together, to show and share stories and photos together.

ExperienceTable - demonstration on location

Want to see the ExperienceTable in action? Our free of charge of demonstration on your location allows you to see the value the table can bring to your organization. 


The demonstration is free of charge and without obligation.

User Experiences

Bibliotheek Noord-Veluwe

Marieke Kanis: "De BelevenisTafel is echt een feest der herkenning."

Bibliotheek Zuidoost Fryslân

Roelov Kuipers: "De BelevenisTafel brengt de rijke historie van Noordwolde onder de aandacht."

Bibliotheek Veldhoven

Alinda Smulders: "Aan de BelevenisTafel maken kinderen echt contact met elkaar."




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Elderly Care

Active together, experience together. User friendly care technology that makes bonding easier and ensures fun among the elderly.

Elderly Care

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Disabled Care

Learn together, play together. A unique experience at your own pace. From LVB to EMB.

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An interactive journey through your museum. An educational one, but above all exciting!


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Learning and experiencing in a playful way. A meeting place in your library.


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