Active together, experience together.

Nina Hoekstra: "Gathered around the ExperienceTable the residents never stop talking."

Who is the ExperienceTable suitable for?

ExperienceTable & Elderly Care

The ExperienceTable is suitable for all elderly people: from senior residents to older people with serious memory problems. Thanks to the wide range of interactive social and serious games, everyone can easily use the table. This ensures togetherness and bonding.

For healthcare workers, the ExperienceTable is an accessible way to gather the elderly together. To give people the opportunity to express themselves and to have fun with each other. In this way, the ExperienceTable provides peace of mind to health care professionals.


The ExperienceTable provides unlimited source of activities. We have developed a wide range of interactive applications for every target group.


The ExperienceTable surface is simple and intuitive to use. Everyone can easily use it.


The Experience Table is easy to move. Our portable touchscreens can be used anywhere.


The Experience Table is flexible. Our software is developed in close collaboration with professionals from the care sector.

A smile on your face

The ExperienceTable supports you in the care for the elderly. It stimulates memory recall, encourages movement and creates happy moments. Some of the applications are especially designed to ensure relaxation.

  • Games and applications for people with different stages of dementia
  • Wide range of music and children’s songs from the past
  • Interactive talk boards with familiar images

We regularly hear that the ExperienceTable brings happiness expressed through a smile or another reaction by people from whom one hardly can expect a reaction. 

ExperienceTable - demonstration on location

Want to see the ExperienceTable in action? Our free of charge of demonstration on your location allows you to see the value the table can bring to your organization. 

The demonstration is free of charge and without obligation.




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Active together, experience together. User friendly care technology that makes bonding easier and ensures fun among the elderly.

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